Social Furniture


The company TimberNest, which is a fast-growing company, creating fun and innovative outdoor furniture that inspires movement and creativity, and which creates bonds and relations between people as they share the experience the furniture has to offer. The company is located in Odense and currently resides near the university, the company is the result of a project between the two founders.

During my time there I got many different tasks, one of them was to create a new and coherent visual identity for the company, which they lacked previously. This led to an optimisation and update of their website, so that it matched their new identity. In close cooperation with the owners of the company I also created the templates for product catalogues and individual flyers.

Here’s a few examples of the work I did.

Design manual index page.


The company had previously lacked a clear and coherent visual identity, which is why one was created from scratch based upon the things I was told and found out about the company – and upon the wishes of what they wanted to portray in the future.

Design manual pages.


Here’s a couple of examples of pages including colour. Since the two business owners knew very little about graphic design, I made very detailed and long descriptions of how to use each element within the design manual. I also added a greyscale chart of the colour schemes in order for them to be able to gain a quick understanding of which colours will be able to work together and which won’t.

The new logo which included a shape resembling the timbernest furniture.


The company’s previous logo had been created using a web application with a lot of standardised and impersonal logo options, so I also got the task of designing a new logo for the company. The idea of the shape is that it’s the first piece of furniture they’ve designed (the TimberNest), it takes the shape of a circle to emphasize the feeling of it being a nest, and to give the logo a friendlier atmosphere.
Below is the long version of the logo, for when there’s less available space.

The new logo without the timbernest furniture.

A concept for a product brochure.


The company wished for a way to easily show of their products to customers, so I developed a concept for a brochure for them.

A screencapture of the updated website design.


Finally the website was changed to have a more coherent overall look and was changed to incorporate the new visual identity and better represent the company and its values.