Off to the races


I spent a three month internship at the company RaceMakers, which is currently the owner of two races connected to the company Challenge. They arrange triathlons and are the arrangers behind the races Challenge Fredericia and Challenge Herning.

They consist of a dedicated team who’s working closely together to create the best possible triathlon events in Denmark. They also have a triathlon team of their own and provide gear for triathlons as well. This year they had the honour of being the hosts of the European Championships in triathlon in Herning. They’re also connected to the shop tri-udstyr, which is a shop selling gear for triathlon.

During the internship I got many different tasks like the optimisation and update of their websites, which eventually led to a large redesign and a completely new landing page for Challenge Denmark. In close cooperation of our team, I also set up posters, different flyers, the layout of an information magazine, car decals, etc.

Here’s just a few examples of the work I did.

Design of a VIP invitation flyer.

VIP Gold Invitation

I did the design for the VIP invitations, and see now there’s a few mistakes I wish I’d caught at the time. I painted the badge on the background of the invitation in golden colours digitally myself, did the cutout, and half-painted/half-photoshopped the banner longer, since the original picture had a large speaker in the foreground that ruined the image. Over all I’m still proud of it. It was a huge challenge to find ways to include the logos and this was decided to be the best option, since altering the colours went against the rules of the brand guidelines.

Design of a flyer for a relay match.


I designed front covers for the volunteer manuals for the race in Herning that year. The ones featured here are simply 2 out of a total of 11.

Design of the poster at Herning Busterminal.


In order to advertise for the European Championship in Triathlon being held by Challenge Denmark in Herning, the team and I designed a poster which filled two glass panels at the busterminal in Herning.