Inktober 2021

Ink, waterproof pen, posca markers

In 2021, I decided to try again at the Inktober Challenge, where artists worldwide spend October drawing with ink—or whatever ink substitutes they have at hand.
I decided to go at it without a prompt list again, and instead decided to draw as many of my own characters as I had stamina for during the month. I made it all the way through the month and these are a few of the pieces created throughout it. The scans of the rest are going up on my Patreon.

Two ink drawings. To the left is a drawing of my OC Cara, holding a jacket over her shoulders while the wind plays with it. To the right is Cecil, holding a staff in his hand and looking back towards the viewer with a smile.

Two ink drawings side by side. To the left is Arru with her horse, looking at the viewer. To the right is Percy, looking at the viewer while holding his sword in one hand.