Inktober 2018

Liquid watercolour on paper, 0.3 waterproof pen

In 2018, I decided to have another go at the Inktober Challenge, where artists worldwide spend October drawing with ink—or whatever ink substitutes they have at hand.
I decided to go at it without a prompt list, but with another recurring theme instead: the framing! I decided that all my Inktober pieces were to be framed in a circle. During the month I found it both challenging and liberating; I only had to fill out the circle, and suddenly the otherwise daunting blank paper wasn’t so frightening at all, despite the unforgiving nature of ink.

Ink drawing of a boy standing with a floating necklace that's shining brightly

Ink drawing of a girl holding stars to her face while stars are gently raining down around her

Ink drawing of a boy standing with his back turned in a field of lupines