Charm and beauty


For the final exam project my group and I decided to work with the shop Den Lille Ida, to create a new visual identity for them. Based on the new identity a new website was created, while we also found a new newsletter platform for them to use where both website and newsletter would be easier for them to take control of than the previous systems.

The purpose of the new identity was to incorporate more of the identity that Den Lille Ida shows inside the shop in Odense, to make the shop’s website represent them in a modern and minimalistic design. The website was created based on sketches and mockups and the final design was picked from a couple examples by the owner of Den Lille Ida in order to ensure that it would be more likely to fit everyone’s needs.

Click here to see the beta site.

It was coded as a custom theme for WordPress, a popular CMS framework.

Mockup of the frontpage of the website shown on a macbook.


It was very important for us to create a page for the shop that showed the charm and beauty of their physical store.

Full screencapture of the beta site's frontpage.